We did it again Blue Water team on the podium 2

Blue Water Freediving Team attended the first ever Bristol Blue Freediving competition this weekend. The competition was great, it was well organised, ran very smoothly and had a lovely atmosphere! Despite Adam and Shirley’s current colds and coughs we went along to enjoy the comp and see how we would do, no plans to push ourselves, we went just to take part and enjoy. Well, we loved it! Shirley has not competed since Individual World championships in Belgrade 2015, Adam has not had much training opportunities since taken part in the Team World Championships in Kalamata, Greece this year.
However, we were super pleased with our results at this comp! Adam won men’s Static with a clean 6:38min. He got 3rd place in dynamic with 154m. And over all Winner of the men’s comp.
Shirley came 3rd for Woman’s Static with an easy 4:07m. And 3rd place in woman’s dynamic with 87m. And 3rd place over all for woman’s. Blue Water Freediver, Elliot Jury did and outstanding 5:06min static and a cool 77m no fins dynamic! Huge thank you to all the sponsors and supporters, Omer, PADI, BFA, Divesangha and Bristol Blue for a great competition!
Massive thank you to our sponsors

More about the results and interviews on PADI website

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We did it again Blue Water team on the podium 2 Blue Water Freediving School

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