The Great Northern 2013

Another Great Freediving Competition in Liverpool UK, hosted by Steve Millard of Apneist UK, with over 40 divers. This year was an International competition with guests from countries like Poland, Holland, Germany, Latvia, France, Greece and UK
Competition started on Saturday with DNF (dynamic no fins) with lots of good dives over 100 meters with white cards.
Great performances from all Athletes from all Countries with top places taken by Mateusz Malina from Poland -180 meters followed by Valerly Kovalenko  -134m and Bartosz Lubecki -125m.
For womans, first place went to Yulia Maryevich from Latvia with 100 meters, also great dives done by Ryan Beci-96m and Benedicte Philippon -93m.

Day 2 of the Competition started with static, this discipline is one of the hardest and requires a lot of mind power to overcome primary breathing reflexes. Top performances by Mateusz Malina -06:47, Erhardt Torsten -06:19 and Adam Drzazga-5:58.
Ladies; Meiki Holzmann -04:19, Rosie Hancock -04:05 and Rebecca Coales-04:02.

Following great performances from athletes in static we moved to Dyn (dynamic with fins). Most people these days will use monofins but there were still a few people using clasic stereo fins. There were a number of dives over 100m and few over 150m, with one of the last dives by Mateusz who secured 1st place with a dive of 201 meters. Yulia continued her great performance with 2nd place of 151meters.
All results and more info are updated by Steve in Aida International and Great Northen website.

Aida Ranking


Check on Youtube  latest videos

Big thank you to organizer Steve Millard, Judges Pim Vermeulen, Dave Tranfield, Kate Jardine, Mandy Buckley and all the people who helped to make this event possible.
Congratulations to all the Athletes for great performances.

Team Blue Water

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