CMAS World Championship 2018

As we speak dozens of freedivers from around the globe congregated in this year’s 3rd edition of CMAS Freediving World championship located in KAS Turkey.

CMAS ( Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) is one of the oldest public underwater organisations representing different varieties of underwater sports, sciences and different activities, today along side with AIDA they are the only organisations organising Freediving World Championships in all disciplines.

Today CMAS has more than 100 countries involved that represent more than 3 millions divers. The aims haven’t changed, CMAS is still a strictly civil non-profit making organisation. The aim of CMAS is to use all appropriate means to develop and encourage the understanding and conservation of the underwater world as well as the practice of aquatic and underwater sports and activities.

CMAS Championships.

The following official disciplines are recognised by CMAS and the organising country must select from these ones. This will allow the countries which do not have open water, to organise a championship in pool only.
There are currently eleven disciplines in CMAS. All disciplines can be done by both men and women. The disciplines can be done both in competition and as a record attempt.

Pool disciplines,
-Static Apnea
-Dynamic Apnea with and without fins
-Speed-Endurance Apnea

Depth disciplines
-Constant Weight Apnea With or Without Fins
-Free Immersion Apnea
-Variable Weight Apnea With or Without Fins
-Skandalopetra: Skandalopetra is an apnea discipline with historical roots. The name comes from the Greek words “scandali” (trigger) and “petra” (stone).
-The Jump Blue: The Jump Blue is an event where the athlete must cover the maximum distance in apnoea around a square of 15 (fifteen) meters side situated in a depth of 10 (ten) meters. The event takes place in open water (sea or lake) and the use of fins (bi-fins or monofin) is mandatory. The fins must be powered only by the muscular power of the athlete, without use of any mechanism.

National competitions may be open to international participants. The maximum number of athletes per country and per gender is 6 for each discipline. National team ranking is expected to be based on the total number of medals according to the Olympic standards. In many types of competitive free diving it is an individual sport based on the best individual achievement.

Competitive free diving is currently governed by various associations CMAS, AIDA, SSI & PADI they are the leading organisations for Freediving activities round the World, which train and monitor learning of freediving in a safe and enjoyable manner.

You can watch the CMAS World Championships here;

Live streaming
Unfortunately due to technical issues today CW(Constsnt Weight) event has been cancelled but keep an eye out for tomorrow.
Next year with bit of luck we hope to send athletes from GB for the first time representing the country.:)

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