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Available in two sizes, this monofin bag provides sufficient space to safely transport your monofin, other freediving accessories and the rest of belongings in one package- up to 23 kg (51 lbs) total. The bag is equipped with several handles and back straps providing various options for carrying: on your shoulder, on your back, in your hands (for short time).
Size Medium : W : 72 cm H : 12 cm L : 72 cm
Weight: 3 kg
18 cm H depth for a large monofin bag.

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Do you like freediving? Are you compelled to drag regularly to the sea numerous bags with the equipment? Now you can fit all that you need: monofin, wetsuit and accessories, clothing, shoes, etc. in just one bag. We provide medium size for thoughtfull packing and large size for thicker wetsuit and clothes in cooler diving sites.

Everything necessary for freediving will be in one place, so you will save nerves and time, without searching for a mask, a tube, a wetsuit and socks in your bags. The monofin bag is made of strong cardura like fabric to prevent attrition. It is stitched with reinforced thread which allows carrying total load of 23 kg. The bag has two convenient straps to carry it on your back as a backpack and handles to carry it in your hands. Thanks to a variety of straps and handles, you can choose the most convenient way of its transportation.

2mm plastic on the sides and on the face and the back sides creates semi hard shell bag, which will protect your monofin. Strap inside the bag is to secure the monofin. Plastic on the sides can be removed, so the bag can be stored or shipped easily. Also it reduces weight and if you do not need extra protection, you can remove them to make it lighter. To re-assemble side plastic, put shorter panel inside the upper side (monofin blade tip side) and longer panels to the sides of the monofin. Bottom side has two layers of plastic. Assemble carefully, plastic fits in between fabric and foam. It takes from 2 to 5 minutes at most.

Two sizes have the same foot print, but differ in bag’s depth (inside): 10 cm for medium and 18 cm depth for a large monofin bag.

  • light weight
  • spacious enough for monofin and the rest of the gear, including wetsuit, but no weights-
  • sewn with reinforced thread
  • two backstraps for hands-free carrying
  • protection for your monofin and equipment on your travel
Additional information
Weight3 kg
Dimensions72 × 72 × 12 cm




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