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CRESSI Pro Star Bag


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The Cressi Pro Star Bag Package is a complete snorkeling package with mask, fins and a snorkel all together in a mesh bag. Endorsed by French freediving world record holder Guillaume Nery the Pro Star Package is a great introduction to snorkeling and freediving.

The Matrix Mask has a reduced internal volume for a wider field of vision and better performance at depth. The soft silicone skirt has an internal skirt that increases the surface area of the seal keeping water out of your mask and making it more comfortable.
The mask strap is a new shape that cradles the head securely to prevent slipping and the micro metric buckles allow for precise adjustment so you don’t have to over-tighten for a secure fit.

The Gamma Snorkel has both a profiled splash guard at the top and a purge valve at the bottom to keep water out of your mouth. The splash guard at the top covers the opening to deflect water without blocking the intake.
A water trap beneath the mouthpiece collects water away from the mouthpiece so you can breathe past it and a one-way purge valve expels any water trapped there every time you exhale.
The snorkel clip, angled mouthpiece and flexible elbow make the Gamma comfortable in your mouth so it can be worn for long periods.

The Pro Star Fins are a versatile full foot fin for snorkeling / scuba / apnea with a tough and reliable design. The blade of the fin is molded underneath the foot pocket for stronger power transference and a more efficient kick.
Lightweight and tough the Pro Star fins will work in any environment and take a lot of abuse without adding a lot of weight to your baggage.

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