A Dream Come True…

A Dream Come True…

Freediving with Wild Dolphins

When I started freediving a few years back, we used to travel to the Red Sea for training and teaching of students, I must say that the diving conditions and diverse marine life is just breath taking, from tropical and colourful fish to corals and different creatures that look like they are from a different planet.

My biggest and best experience as a Freediver was in shallow waters, under 10m, that’s where all the colours have their full power and you can experience light dancing in the water, shining in all its glory in this unique world.

I already knew I wanted to be a freediver but what confirmed it for me was diving with wild dolphins. This moment was moving and I knew that all I wanted to do and experience is that close and endearing experience with these intelligent creatures.

Years passed by, a family began and has grown. Suddenly a new opportunity came along while on holiday in Cornwall, we were staying in a small cove, camping and diving when I bumped into friends from the Red Sea day’s Debbie and Jon.

After a brief conversation we agreed that it would be amazing to meet up again, we were invited to their town near Plymouth where they run a diving school called Sound Diving.

Months passed by before we finally got to visit them and the idea to organise a freediving trip on the coast to dive the local sites with a possibility of seeing some of the UK’s wildlife in the water.

It may come as a surprise to some but we have Dolphins, Whales, different types of Sharks, lots of seals and plenty of fish, here in the UK.

The UK coast can be really productive and magical place to dive or to explore secret beaches and coves along the coast.

You can see video from our last trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7euFC33Low

Here we go.

The day of the sea trip came, a day we were all waiting a long time for, sun was shining the weather was just perfect. A boat full of divers and our kids, we are headed out on a long trip, 50 miles off the coast of Plymouth. After about 1 hr on the boat we spotted a pod of white sided dolphins! Our eyes were full of happiness and joy to see them free in their home, without thinking or further discussion three of us jump in the water to say “hi”, I must say that water was rather fresh without a wetsuit, breathtaking shall we say. After a of couple minutes our ocean friends swam away, I guess it was not a time for them to play today.

Back on the boat and all eyes out for more pods and yes, we saw another pod and another, I could not believe our luck, by now we were ready in suits and fins, ready for any action, the boat stopped and off we went to have a swim to see if they’d like to play. Their songs are magical.

We were lucky enough to stay and swim with these magnificent creatures for few minutes and enjoy their company in the water.

For me I felt alive and energised, filled with joy and happiness, my partner Shirley and our kids just smiled, the happiness from their souls shone from their eyes.

If you like to join us on one of our trips please look for upcoming trips here

With that in mind we have to remember that not everyone has the same view on the aquatic environment, even now there are people hunting and killing dolphins and whales in countries like the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Greenland and Japan.

There is still a lot of destruction in the Oceans and the pollution levels are at their worst. As humans we have an obligation to protect the environment we are living in, but sadly there is not much done by the government’s to support the smaller organisations who are actively doing something to make a difference and the situation is out of control.

In recent years, thankfully to individuals and conservation organisations like;

Sea Shepherd , Rick O’Barry, and Black Fish who protect and defend all kinds of wild life in our Oceans. Direct actions are much needed and you too could help make a difference.

Dive save and see you in the blue .

Team Blue Water Freediving School

~Never Dive Alone~

Always Dive With Friends

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