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~Freediving in London UK~

Blue Water Freediving Team

Adam Drzazga –
UK Men’s Pool Champion Freediver

I have been Freediving since 2006, I am a competitive freediver, a SSI,PADI & AIDA Master Instructor, Judge and former Chairman of the BFA. (British Freediving Association) .UK Governing body for Freediving Activities.

My Qualifications

PADI Master Instructor-375533
AIDA Master Instructor-3852
SSI Professional 85054
EFR (First Aid )Instrctor- 375533
Nutrition Advisor
AIDA Judge
Safety Instructor
DAN professional Diving Insurance -424278
PADI Freediving Centre - S-25856

My Achievments

National Team Member -2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
UK National Pool Champion- 2016-1018
UK NO1 Ranking in Static Apnea 2013-2018
Chairman of BFA (British Freediving Association) 2013-2016

My Journey

Participating in International events has given me great experience in both the recreational and competitive aspects of the sport . I have been training and competing with some of the best freedivers from around the world, this has given me knowledge and experience that I am passing to all my students, with my experience as an Instructor and as a Nutrition Adviser I am able to help all of our students and athletes train to reach they goals.

Shirley Turner –
UK Women’s Team Freediver

I was born in South Africa, where I fell in love with swimming and the Ocean. As a child I had a passion for protecting wildlife and the marine environment, I longed to dive the shark nets of the Natal coast of South Africa and release trapped marine wildlife, but I had no means of doing this, later discovered freediving and my hopes grew but still I was unable to do this, due to the strict regulations. I hope to achieve this dream in some form or another.

My Qualifications \ Achievments

I am a competitive freediver, have represented GB in the World Championships in 2015 and competed in National and International competitions. I am also an AIDA Judge, a Gym & Fitness Instructor (reps), expert pole fitness instructor (reps), a First Response Instructor, a nutritional adviser as well as an ex Life Guard. I have great plans to continue to build on my experience and knowledge in health and fitness, as well as in the creative realms - with a goal to helping others have life time experiences, improve their well-being, happiness and connect with your authentic self".

My Journey

Together we share lots of experience in overall fitness and freediving to help our students develop in all areas of training.
Our love for the ocean inspires us and we are both involved with Sea Shepherd who defend, conserve and protect our Oceans. We also support Ric O'barry's Dolphin Project , Please do not ever take part in swim with dolphins and nver go to Sea world!
Freediving changed our lives, it gave us a new way of looking at life, a life filled with lots of happy moments and new adventures.

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